Astro Summit 2.0 Online Astrology Conference

Astro Summit 2.0I am pleased to be included in’s Astro Summit 2.0, the largest online astrology conference to date.

Boasting a roster of 23 world class astrologers, the conference began on Saturday October 10, and runs until this Saturday October 17.

The Summit offers three daily presentations for free, which remain free online for the following 48 hours. So technically, one could attend the entire conference without paying a dime.

However, during the course of the Summit, the entire conference can be purchased at a discount price of $97 USD. Following the conference, the price will be raised to $197 USD.

My presentation, Astrology and the CEO Trading Strategy for Income, will be online this Saturday, October 17, the final day of the Summit. The talk offers some insight into how I work with astrology and the stock market.

Please join me and my amazing colleagues for this global event.

3 thoughts on “Astro Summit 2.0 Online Astrology Conference

  • August 28, 2016 at 4:54 am

    Hi Nick . I have recently upgraded to The astroSummit and I was very pleased to have listened to your contribution to the Webinar on Retrograde Planets with Donna Woodwell on the Astrology Hub and am truly grateful to you for your contribution . This has opened up a whole new understanding for me about retrograde planets especially venus , mars and mercury. I am astonished to find venus and mars stations very significant in my own life . ( previously I paid little attention to the inner planets as transits ) My question ? . I want to be able to access past and future data on retrogrades to research my family ,friends/clients charts. What is the best software in which I can easily access and printout retrograde periods and stations ( like those illustrated with detailed dates and positions on the webinar ) . I currently use Solarfire but it has its limitations for research

    Many thanks.

    • August 28, 2016 at 6:53 am

      Hi Patrick,

      I also use Solar Fire, and it has a search function to look for retrograde planets in timelines. Mind you, my slideshow presentation is also customized by me using Photoshop and Keynote, so while you might not be able to mimic my visuals, you can access the data needed to make your own.

      Go to the “Dynamic” tab and select “Transits and Progressions”. Under “Points Selection” choose Venus, Mars, or whichever planet you want to search (or all of them at once if you like). In “Event Selection” choose “Transits to Transits” and “Stationary Points”. Then choose your “Start Date” and “Period” to determine the timeline you want to investigate. It should be self-evident from there.

      Thanks for your kind words. Enjoy your investigation!


  • August 29, 2016 at 4:20 pm

    Thanks Nick for your advice .
    I can see how it works now. Made me realise how powerful Solarfire is . I just need to practice using this facility more often.

    Thanks also for pointing out Keynote .I use Photoshop Elements so will look at that also.

    kind regards


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