Nick Dagan Best

Photograph by Janet Best, Photoshop by Frederick Woodruff

Astrology is a calendar that assigns a unique value to every moment in time. It is a clock with ten hands that distinguishes every new hour in human history from any other. It is not so much a language as it is a kind of alphabet that perpetually spells out an entirely new word.

From an early age, I had a strong interest in cultural history, and a fascination for studying chronology and memorizing dates, which would come in handy later on when astrology came along. Astrology discovered me on the morning of January 17, 1995, when I read my first book on the subject.  I already had a strong interest in biographies and general history, so I was impressed by the mini-ephemeris that was included in the back of the book, which allowed me to see for myself how planetary transits paralleled life events so closely.

By the end of that year, I had read dozens more astrology books and decided I wanted to learn everything I could about this curious phenomenon. In 1997, I began taking classes and exams with the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), achieving the Level III certification in March 1999.  In October 2001, I began working as a full-time astrological consultant for the U.K.-based Astro Livelink phone service, while gradually developing a private practice on the side.

I write non-fiction literature using the astrological calendar as a set piece. I wield a software database of over 40,000 events and 10,000 births, which I began compiling in 1999 to research the lives of notable figures in politics, the arts, science, and sports. 

My illustrated book, URANU.S.A.:Astrology Looks at the First Planet and Nation of the New World, is now available in ebook and print formats.

I also host a podcast called I Love Astrology.

I am available for astrology consultations by appointment.

I can be reached at exoteric.astrology@gmail.com

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  • November 14, 2015 at 6:17 pm

    What a lovely site, Nick! You have always been a wiz at astrology!
    Thank you for your wisdom. xoxo Jordi


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