Video: Mars Retrograde in Kolkata, India

Video: Mars Retrograde in Kolkata, India

Mars Retrograde Presentation Live in Kolkata

Video footage of my recent presentation at the 26th annual Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology conference in Kolkata, India has been posted online.

Taped at Carnival Cinemas, Kolkata, India on January 23, 2016.

Mars Retrograde in Uncommon Signs

I spoke on one of my standard topics, the Mars retrograde cycle. In consideration of my Indian audience, I presented my work using the sidereal zodiac, as opposed to the tropical zodiac. Since the material is a simple observation of historical trends that unambiguously correspond to a repeating planetary pattern, it does not require zodiacal symbolic interpretation in order to be recognized. It speaks for itself.

For this particular talk, I mostly discussed the fact that the Mars retrograde cycle is not distributed evenly among the signs, in either zodiac. In the tropical zodiac, Mars only has retrograde transits through Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces once every 32-47 years. Using the sidereal zodiac, we are then looking at Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius.

I began by citing biographical examples, using the lives of Paul McCartney and Hillary Clinton to demonstrate how these brief, two-to-three month intervals that occur only once every few decades can repeatedly correspond to pivotal periods in a given individual’s timeline.

I moved on to tracing the Mars retrograde cycle according to the history of Iran and India, the latter of which has a history of crisis that strongly corresponds to periods when Mars retrograde is in close proximity to Saturn, as it will be for much of 2016.


It was a tremendous honour and privilege to be included in the roster of western astrologers invited to participate in this year’s conference. Gopal Bhattacharjee, Director of the KIA, began introducing western astrologers at his conference two years ago, with South Africa’s Richard Fidler and Slovenia’s Ema Kurent serving as the initial pioneers in this, to my knowledge, unprecedented exchange between eastern and western astrological circles.

The number of western astrologers was bumped up to about a half-dozen the following year, and this time we were more than twice that number. I understand the number of western speakers will increase again in 2017.

I want to express my gratitude to Mr. Bhattacharjee for his gracious invitation and hospitality, and to all my new Indian friends who received us so warmly during our visit.

Photo credit: Robert Currey

Uranus Workshop in Toronto, Sep. 6

Astrology Toronto is hosting a weekend workshop at Victoria College, featuring myself and Andrew Morton, September 6th-7th.

On Saturday, I am offering a full-day seminar on Uranus, covering natal placements, synastry, and transits/events, drawing for a study of over 300 notable nativities. Andrew will be speaking on the inner planets on Sunday.

West Coast Tour, March-May 2013


I will be visiting thirteen west coast cities this March-April to promote my new graphic novel, URANU.S.A: Astrology Looks at the First Planet and Nation of the New World.

I have a storytelling/slideshow that I will be doing at various types of venues. In most cities, I will be presenting What’s Up, Uranus? Follow the Yellow Brick Tropical Zodiac, a study of Uranus transits through the twelve signs of the tropical zodiac.

In select cities, I will also be presenting The Repentagram: Stories of the Venus Synodic Cycle, which is based on material I will be publishing in another graphic novel down the road.

Whether you are passionately interested in astrology, or want to see it forever eradicated from public discourse, you don’t want to miss this!



British Columbia

New Westminster 



  • Sat March 16, 2:00-3:20 p.m. (presentation), 3:30-4:45 p.m. (panel)

  • AstroFaire, Subud Center

  • 3815 NE Regents Dr.




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