1962: Jayne Mansfield Files to Divorce Mickey Hargitay

Jayne Mansfield white cartoon sketch set on purple stucco background.Astrology and Acrimony

Twenty-nine year-old actress and sex symbol Jayne Mansfield files to divorce her unsuspecting second husband, Hungarian bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay, who thinks she is out running errands. Hargitay only learns of the suit when newsmen phone to interview him. Mansfield will soon begin an affair with Italian film producer Enrico Bomba.

Transiting Saturn and the South Node are conjunct Mansfield’s natal Saturn in Aquarius, indicating the outgrowing of past attachments. Transiting Uranus is stationing direct in Leo, opposite the natal Moon in Aquarius, signifying unpredictable emotional swings. Transiting Pluto is conjunct the natal South Node and Neptune in Virgo, opposite transiting Jupiter in Pisces, reflecting a yearning to explore the unknown.

Saturn Return

Jayne Mansfield astrology bi-wheel chart with transits for her divorce to Mickey Hargitay.

Transiting Saturn and South Node (outer wheel, upper right) conjunct natal Saturn in Aquarius (inner wheel, upper right). Transiting Uranus station direct in Leo (outer wheel, bottom left) opposite natal Moon in Aquarius (inner wheel, top right). Transiting Pluto (outer wheel, bottom left) conjunct natal South Node and Neptune in Virgo (inner wheel, bottom left) opposite transiting Jupiter in Pisces (outer wheel, top right).

1985: Billy Joel Marries Christie Brinkley

Billy Joel white cartoon stamp Christie Brinkley green stucco backgroundAstrology Uptown

Thirty-five year-old singer/songwriter Billy Joel marries supermodel Christie Brinkley, 31, before 175 guests on a 147-foot yacht sailing around New York Harbor on a cold, drizzly day. It is the second marriage for both celebrities. The couple will conceive their only child, daughter Alexa Rae, later tonight.

Transiting Saturn in Scorpio is opposite Joel’s natal Venus in Taurus, square natal Saturn in Leo, indicating a solemn union with an attractive partner. Transiting Mars is conjunct natal Mars in Taurus, opposite transiting Pluto in Scorpio, square transiting Jupiter in Aquarius, signifying potency, and the creation of new life.

Mars conjunct Mars

Billy Joel astrology bi-wheel chart for wedding to Christie Brinkley.

Transiting Saturn in Scorpio (outer wheel, bottom right) opposite natal Venus in Taurus (inner wheel, top left), square natal Saturn in Leo (outer wheel, bottom left). Transiting Mars (outer wheel, top left) conjunct natal Mars in Taurus (inner wheel, top left), opposite transiting Pluto in Scorpio (outer wheel, bottom right), square transiting Jupiter in Aquarius (outer wheel, top right)

1994: Drew Barrymore Marries Jeremy Thomas

Drew Barrymore white cartoon sketch on purple stucco backgroundAstrology and Immigration

Nineteen year-old actress Drew Barrymore marries Los Angeles bar owner Jeremy Thomas, 31, her Welsh-born boyfriend of six weeks, who is in need of a green card. She proposes to him at two in the morning, and the pair are joined in speedy matrimony three hours later, after calling a 24-hour wedding hotline. The union will last five weeks before she files for divorce.

Transiting Neptune is conjunct Barrymore’s natal Mars in Capricorn, signifying the secret reason for the marriage. Transiting Mercury and Saturn are conjunct the natal Sun in Pisces, reflecting the rescue of someone in need. The transiting Sun is conjunct natal Venus in Pisces, indicating an impulsive act motivated by love.

Neptune conjunct Mars

Drew Barrymore astrology bi-wheel chart for her marriage to Jeremy Thomas

Transiting Neptune (outer wheel, top right) conjunct natal Mars in Capricorn (inner wheel, top right). Transiting Mercury and Saturn (outer wheel, top center) conjunct natal Sun in Pisces (inner wheel, top center). Transiting Sun (outer wheel, top left) conjunct natal Venus in Pisces (inner wheel, top left).

1993: Eddie Murphy Marries Nicole Mitchell

Eddie Murphy white cartoon sketch on blue stucco backgroundAstrology and Family

Thirty-one year-old comedic actor Eddie Murphy marries model Nicole Mitchell, 20, in a star-studded ceremony in the Grand Ballroom at New York’s Plaza Hotel. The couple, who have two children and have been living together for nearly two years, met at an NAACP Image Awards show in 1988.

Transiting Jupiter in Libra is opposite Murphy’s natal Sun in Aries, signifying the A-list celebrity’s lavish nuptials. Transiting Venus is retrograde in Aries square transiting Mars in Cancer, mirroring the natal square between Venus retrograde in Aries and Mars in Cancer, indicating a would-be old-fashioned wedding for a couple that has already created a family.

Jupiter opposite Sun

Eddie Murphy astrology bi-wheel chart depicting transits for his wedding to Nicole Mitchell

Transiting Jupiter in Libra (outer wheel, lower left) opposite natal Sun in Aries (inner wheel, upper right). Transiting Venus retrograde in Aries (outer wheel, upper right) square transiting Mars in Cancer (outer wheel, upper left), mirroring natal Venus retrograde in Aries (inner wheel, upper right) square natal Mars in Cancer (inner wheel, upper left)

1905: Eleanor Roosevelt Marries Franklin Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt white cartoon sketch on red stucco backgroundAstrology and Aristocrats

Twenty year-old aristocrat orphan Eleanor Roosevelt marries her fifth cousin once removed, Franklin Roosevelt. Her uncle, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, gives her away at the ceremony, which is reported on the front page of the New York Times the following day. Her new mother-in-law bought the newlyweds a house, three blocks away from her own.

Transiting Saturn in Aquarius is opposite Roosevelt’s natal Jupiter in Leo, indicating a young woman’s submission to the powerful personalities around her. Transiting Mercury in Aries is opposite natal Mercury in Libra, signifying a union of two opposite but complimentary personalities.

Saturn opposite Jupiter

Astrology bi-wheel chart for Eleanor Roosevelt's wedding to Franklin Roosevelt

Transiting Saturn in Aquarius (outer wheel, bottom left) opposite natal Jupiter in Leo (inner wheel, top right). Transiting Mercury in Aries (outer wheel, bottom right) opposite natal Mercury in Libra (inner wheel, top left)

1964: Richard Burton Marries Elizabeth Taylor

elizabeth_taylor_20_wenn1672509.jpgAstrology and Actors

Thirty-eight year-old actor Richard Burton is married to movie star Elizabeth Taylor, in a secretly arranged private ceremony conducted by a Unitarian minister at Montreal’s Ritz Carlton Hotel. The scandalous affair has been a high profile gossip item since the pair became lovers two years earlier, while working on Cleopatra, when both were still married to their previous spouses.

Transiting Neptune is conjunct Burton’s natal Sun and Saturn in Scorpio, signifying the accomplished thespian’s growing reputation for his union with one of the world’s most glamorous women. Transiting Uranus is conjunct the natal Moon in Virgo, square natal Mercury in Sagittarius, indicating a restless spirit and frenzied lifestyle.

Neptune conjunct Sun-Saturn

Richard Burton Astrology Bi-Wheel Horoscope chart depicting the transits for his first wedding with Elizabeth Taylor

Transiting Neptune (outer wheel, top right) conjunct natal Sun and Saturn in Scorpio (inner wheel, top right). Transiting Uranus (outer wheel, bottom right) conjunct natal Moon in Virgo (inner wheel, bottom right), square natal Mercury in Sagittarius (outer wheel, top right)

1971: Margaret Sinclair Marries Pierre Trudeau

Margaret Sinclair Trudeau Astrology Horoscopes Nick Dagan BestAstrology and Canada’s First Couple

Twenty-two year-old student Margaret Sinclair marries fifty-one year-old Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau in a discreet private ceremony in Lynn Valley, B.C. The couple met on a beach in Tahiti four years earlier, when Trudeau was Minister of Justice, and Sinclair a teenager on vacation with her family. The relationship has been a closely kept secret until now, and all of Canada is surprised by the news.

Transiting Mars is conjunct Sinclair’s natal Moon in Sagittarius, indicating the shock of entering public life and the difficulty she will have adapting to it. Transiting Uranus is conjunct natal Mercury and Neptune in Libra, signifying her sudden emergence as Canada’s new First Lady, and the hip flower child innocence she brings to the role.

Horoscope Bi-Wheel

Margaret Sinclair Marries Pierre Trudeau Astrology Horoscopes Nick Dagan Best

Transiting Mars (outer wheel, bottom left) conjunct the natal Moon in Sagittarius (inner wheel, bottom left). Transiting Uranus (outer wheel, upper left) conjunct natal Mercury and Neptune in Libra (outer wheel, inner left)

1924: H.P. Lovecraft Marries Sonia Greene

H.P. Lovecraft White Image on Red Background Astrology Horoscopes Nick Dagan BestThirty-three year-old struggling writer H.P. Lovecraft marries fellow writer Sonia Greene at Saint Paul’s Chapel in Lower Manhattan. A virgin recluse who rarely ventures outside his native home of Providence, Rhode Island, his new wife has coaxed him to live with her in New York City. Although he is a vocal anti-semite, Greene is Jewish.

Transiting Pluto in Cancer is square Lovecraft’s natal Venus in Libra, indicating his seduction by a woman who lives outside of his comfort zone. Transiting Venus in Aries is opposite the natal Moon and Uranus in Libra, signifying the young sheltered man’s introduction to a big scary world by his older, more worldly wife.

H.P. Lovecraft Marries Sonia Greene Astrology Horoscopes Nick Dagan Best

Transiting Pluto in Cancer (outer wheel, top) square natal Venus in Libra (inner wheel, left upper center). Transiting Venus in Aries (outer wheel, right upper center) opposite natal Moon and Uranus in Libra (inner wheel, lower left center).