The Astrology Podcast: Mars Retrograde and Antares

The Astrology Podcast: Mars Retrograde and Antares

Astrology Podcast Mars Retrograde BannerChris Brennan hosted me and Austin Coppock on The Astrology Podcast, to talk about the coming Mars retrograde station on April 17.

This particular station is within a degree of conjunction to the fixed star, Antares, making for a rare union of two red-coloured bodies.

We discussed the peculiar properties of the Mars cycle, and I chimed in with some national and biographical examples of past Mars transits with Antares.

Hexagon Astrology Magazine Premiere Issue

Introducing a New Publication

Hexagon Astrology Magazine Nick Dagan Best AstrologerHexagon is an edgy new astrology magazine that just published its premiere issue on August 19th. It is a long overdue update of the pop astrology format, and this first edition includes contributions from some of astrology’s best writers, including Michael Lutin, Austin Coppock, Andrea Gehrz, Jason Fleming, Madame ZolongaYerevan Yacoubian, and my fellow Canadian blogger sensation, Willow. There is also a great interview with my dear friend and colleague, Samuel Reynolds. Not to be missed!

Venus Retrograde: Long Hot SummerI am grateful to be included in this fine roster, and my article on this summer’s Venus retrograde transit, titled Long Hot Summer, can be found on page 20.

Publisher/writer Matt Savinar deserves serious kudos for putting it all together. A copy can be purchased here, and why not subscribe?