1964: Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys Record I Get Around

Brian Wilson white cartoon sketch on brown stucco background.Astrology and Harmony

Twenty-one year-old Beach Boys songwriter/bassist Brian Wilson records I Get Around, which will become the group’s first number one single in the US, and its first top ten in the UK. During the session, an argument with his father, Murry Wilson, who is also the group’s manager, results in the elder Wilson’s dismissal.

Transiting Venus is conjunct Wilson’s natal Ascendant in Taurus, signifying creative inspiration and the application of a winning formula. Transiting Pluto is conjunct the natal Moon in Virgo, indicating the sensitive artist’s growing need for artistic control, and familial strife. Transiting Saturn in Pisces is opposite transiting Uranus in Virgo, both square natal Uranus and Saturn in Gemini, reflecting the blossoming talents of a youthful musical mastermind.

Venus conjunct Ascendant

Brian Wilson astrology bi-wheel chart with transits for the recording of I Get Around.

Transiting Venus (outer wheel, middle left) conjunct natal Ascendant in Taurus (inner wheel, middle left). Transiting Pluto (outer wheel, bottom right) conjunct natal Moon in Virgo (inner wheel, bottom right). Transiting Saturn in Pisces (outer wheel, top center) opposite transiting Uranus in Virgo (outer wheel, bottom center), square natal Uranus and Saturn in Gemini (inner wheel, middle left).