1905: Eleanor Roosevelt Marries Franklin Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt white cartoon sketch on red stucco backgroundAstrology and Aristocrats

Twenty year-old aristocrat orphan Eleanor Roosevelt marries her fifth cousin once removed, Franklin Roosevelt. Her uncle, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, gives her away at the ceremony, which is reported on the front page of the New York Times the following day. Her new mother-in-law bought the newlyweds a house, three blocks away from her own.

Transiting Saturn in Aquarius is opposite Roosevelt’s natal Jupiter in Leo, indicating a young woman’s submission to the powerful personalities around her. Transiting Mercury in Aries is opposite natal Mercury in Libra, signifying a union of two opposite but complimentary personalities.

Saturn opposite Jupiter

Astrology bi-wheel chart for Eleanor Roosevelt's wedding to Franklin Roosevelt

Transiting Saturn in Aquarius (outer wheel, bottom left) opposite natal Jupiter in Leo (inner wheel, top right). Transiting Mercury in Aries (outer wheel, bottom right) opposite natal Mercury in Libra (inner wheel, top left)

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