1991: Jeff Buckley Performs at Father’s Tribute Show

Jeff Buckley white cartoon sketch on red glitter backgroundAstrology and Legacy

Twenty-four year-old singer Jeff Buckley sings a few songs at a tribute concert to his estranged father, singer/songwriter Tim Buckley, who died of a drug overdose when Jeff was seven. He opens with I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain, a song his dad wrote to his mother when Jeff was an infant, about leaving them to pursue a music career.

Transiting Jupiter is conjunct natal Jupiter in Leo, opposite transiting Saturn and natal Moon in Aquarius, square the transiting Sun in Taurus, reflecting a conjuring of childhood trauma over the breakup between a carefree father and abandoned mother.

Saturn conjunct Moon

Jeff Buckley astrology bi-wheel chart with transits for his father's tribute concert in 1991.

Transiting Jupiter (outer wheel, left) conjunct natal Jupiter in Leo (inner wheel, left), opposite transiting Saturn (outer wheel, right) and natal Moon in Aquarius (inner wheel, right), square transiting Sun in Taurus (outer wheel, top)

1905: Eleanor Roosevelt Marries Franklin Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt white cartoon sketch on red stucco backgroundAstrology and Aristocrats

Twenty year-old aristocrat orphan Eleanor Roosevelt marries her fifth cousin once removed, Franklin Roosevelt. Her uncle, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, gives her away at the ceremony, which is reported on the front page of the New York Times the following day. Her new mother-in-law bought the newlyweds a house, three blocks away from her own.

Transiting Saturn in Aquarius is opposite Roosevelt’s natal Jupiter in Leo, indicating a young woman’s submission to the powerful personalities around her. Transiting Mercury in Aries is opposite natal Mercury in Libra, signifying a union of two opposite but complimentary personalities.

Saturn opposite Jupiter

Astrology bi-wheel chart for Eleanor Roosevelt's wedding to Franklin Roosevelt

Transiting Saturn in Aquarius (outer wheel, bottom left) opposite natal Jupiter in Leo (inner wheel, top right). Transiting Mercury in Aries (outer wheel, bottom right) opposite natal Mercury in Libra (inner wheel, top left)

1956: Sylvia Plath Meets Ted Hughes

Sylvia Plath Green Stamp Astrology Horoscopes Nick Dagan BestTwenty-three year-old American poet Sylvia Plath, attending Cambridge University on a Fulbright Fellowship, meets fellow poet Ted Hughes at a crowded and noisy literary party. Drunk, she bites him hard on the cheek after he brazenly kisses her on the lips. The pair will be married in four months.

Transiting Jupiter and Pluto in Leo, representing overwhelming power, are opposite Plath’s natal Ascendant in Aquarius, signifying the introduction of a inspiring, but potentially destructive influence into her life. Transiting Uranus in Cancer is opposite natal Saturn in Capricorn, indicating a foreigner’s struggle to adapt to a new home.


Transiting Jupiter and Pluto in Leo (outer wheel, middle right) opposite Plath’s natal Ascendant in Aquarius (inner wheel, middle left). Transiting Uranus in Cancer (outer wheel, lower right) opposite natal Saturn in Capricorn (inner wheel, upper left)