1993: Eddie Murphy Marries Nicole Mitchell

Eddie Murphy white cartoon sketch on blue stucco backgroundAstrology and Family

Thirty-one year-old comedic actor Eddie Murphy marries model Nicole Mitchell, 20, in a star-studded ceremony in the Grand Ballroom at New York’s Plaza Hotel. The couple, who have two children and have been living together for nearly two years, met at an NAACP Image Awards show in 1988.

Transiting Jupiter in Libra is opposite Murphy’s natal Sun in Aries, signifying the A-list celebrity’s lavish nuptials. Transiting Venus is retrograde in Aries square transiting Mars in Cancer, mirroring the natal square between Venus retrograde in Aries and Mars in Cancer, indicating a would-be old-fashioned wedding for a couple that has already created a family.

Jupiter opposite Sun

Eddie Murphy astrology bi-wheel chart depicting transits for his wedding to Nicole Mitchell

Transiting Jupiter in Libra (outer wheel, lower left) opposite natal Sun in Aries (inner wheel, upper right). Transiting Venus retrograde in Aries (outer wheel, upper right) square transiting Mars in Cancer (outer wheel, upper left), mirroring natal Venus retrograde in Aries (inner wheel, upper right) square natal Mars in Cancer (inner wheel, upper left)