1955: James Dean Begins Filming Rebel Without a Cause

James Dean white cartoon sketch on red stuccoAstrology and Rebellion

Twenty-four year-old actor James Dean begins filming his second feature film, Rebel Without A Cause, with director Nicholas Ray in Los Angeles. His first movie, East of Eden, opened in theatres three weeks ago, and he has been marvelling at the long lines outside theatres as he drives by. By the time Rebel is released next October, he will be dead.

Transiting Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct in Cancer, resonating with Dean’s natal Uranus in Aries square Jupiter in Cancer, signifying the teenage rebel archetype he is creating in pop culture. Transiting Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct natal Pluto in Cancer, opposite natal Saturn and Mercury in Capricorn, reflecting the projection of personal tragedy the rising star introduces into cinematic acting.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus

James Dean astrology bi-wheel chart depicting transits for Rebel Without A Cause

Transiting Jupiter and Uranus in Cancer (outer wheel, top right) resonate with natal Uranus in Aries (inner wheel, bottom right) square natal Jupiter in Cancer (inner wheel, top right). Transiting Jupiter and Uranus conjunct natal Pluto in Cancer (inner wheel, top right), opposite natal Saturn and Mercury in Capricorn (inner wheel, bottom left).