1967: Huey Newton Orchestrates Black Panthers State Capitol March

Huey P. Newton white sketch cartoon on green stucco background.Astrology and Militance

Twenty-five year-old activist and recent founder of the nascent Black Panther Party, Huey Newton, organizes a march of thirty armed Black Panthers, led by co-founder Bobby Seale, to the California State Capitol in Sacramento. The BPP is protesting a new bill that would rescind a law allowing loaded firearms to be carried in public, and their dramatic entrance into the Legislature is also an introduction to public exposure.

Transiting Pluto and Uranus in Virgo are opposite Newton’s natal Moon in Pisces, square transiting Venus in Gemini, signifying a new revolutionary voice introduced to a mounting volatility in US racial tensions. Transiting Neptune in Scorpio is opposite natal Saturn in Taurus, indicating the powerful but fragile movement’s targeting for infiltration and destruction by government authority.

Pluto-Uranus opposite Moon

Huey P. Newton astrology bi-wheel chart with transits for the Black Panthers armed visit to the California State Legislature in 1967.

Transiting Pluto and Uranus in Virgo (outer wheel, upper left) opposite natal Moon in Pisces (inner wheel, lower right), square transiting Venus in Gemini (outer wheel, upper right). Transiting Neptune in Scorpio (outer wheel, middle left) opposite natal Saturn in Taurus (inner wheel, middle right).

1992: Jodie Foster Wins 2nd Best Actress Oscar

Jodie Foster white cartoon sketch on blue stucco background.Astrology and Feminism

Twenty-nine year-old actress Jodie Foster wins her second Best Actress Academy Award for her role as predator-chasing FBI detective Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs. Three years ago, she won her first Oscar for her role as a working class rape victim in The Accused, a sharp contrast to Starling, whom she thanks the Academy for “embracing such an incredibly strong and beautiful feminist hero.”

Transiting Jupiter is conjunct Foster’s natal Moon and Uranus in Virgo, opposite transiting Mars, Moon, and natal Jupiter in Pisces, signifying a celebration of humanistic values. Transiting Saturn in Aquarius is opposite natal Mars in Leo, square natal Neptune and Venus retrograde in Scorpio, reflecting a feminist adoption of the hero archetype.

Saturn opposite Mars

Jodie Foster astrology bi-wheel with transits for her second Oscar victory.

Transiting Jupiter (outer wheel, upper right) conjunct natal Moon and Uranus in Virgo (inner wheel, upper right), opposite transiting Mars and Moon (outer wheel, lower left) and natal Jupiter in Pisces (inner wheel, lower left). Transiting Saturn in Aquarius (outer wheel, lower left) opposite natal Mars in Leo (inner wheel, upper right), square natal Neptune and Venus retrograde in Scorpio (inner wheel, upper left).

1965: Che Guevara Arrives in Havana for Final Visit

Che Guevara white cartoon sketch on a blue stucco backgroundAstrology and Revolution

Thirty-six year-old Argentine-medical-student-turned-Cuban-revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara arrives in Havana for what will be his final visit before disappearing underground. He has been on a speaking tour around the world for the past three months, during which he visited China and numerous African countries, addressed the United Nations, and dined with the Rockefellers.

Transiting Jupiter is conjunct Guevara’s natal Sun in Taurus, indicating an urge to confront opponents directly with confidence and assertion. Transiting Saturn is conjunct the natal Moon in Pisces, opposite transiting Uranus in Virgo, signifying a bittersweet return to old circumstances, and indicating imminent location and lifestyle changes.

Jupiter conjunct Sun

Che Guevara Astrology bi-wheel chart showing transits for his return to Cuba in 1965.

Transitin Jupiter (outer wheel, lower left) conjunct natal Sun in Taurus (inner wheel, lower left). Transiting Saturn (outer wheel, upper left) conjunct natal Moon in Pisces (inner wheel, upper left), opposite transiting Uranus in Virgo (outer wheel, lower right).