1999: Jessica Alba Announced to Star in Dark Angel

Jessica Alba white cartoon sketch on green stucco backgroundAstrology and Body Image

Seventeen year-old actress Jessica Alba is announced to star in Dark Angel, a new sci-fi Fox-TV series produced by Titanic director James Cameron. She begins intensive martial arts training to adopt for her character, a genetically engineered human weapon. Gradually, her focus on maintaining a physical standard will instigate anorexia.

Transiting Venus is conjunct Alba’s natal Midheaven in Taurus, indicating the chosen candidate for a coveted position. Transiting Saturn is crossing over natal Mars, Sun, and Mercury conjunction in Taurus, square transiting Neptune in Aquarius, and opposite transiting Mars retrograde in Scorpio, signifying a sacrifice of sustenance, and the challenge of a rigorous physical regime.

Saturn conjunct Mars-Sun-Mercury

Jessica Alba astrology bi-wheel chart with transits for her Dark Angel hiring

Transiting Venus (outer wheel, top center) conjunct natal Midheaven in Taurus (inner wheel, top center). Transiting Saturn (outer wheel, top right) conjunct natal Mars, Sun, and Mercury in Taurus (inner wheel, top right), opposite transiting Mars retrograde in Scorpio (outer wheel, bottom left), square transiting Neptune in Aquarius (outer wheel, bottom right).

2003: Dick Cheney Appears on Meet The Press

Dick Cheney white cartoon sketch on brown stucco backgroundAstrology and War

Sixty-two year-old United States Vice-President Dick Cheney appears on NBC-TV’s Meet The Press on the eve of the invasion of Iraq, stating his belief that U.S. forces will be “greeted as liberators.” Cheney defends the decision to invade, claiming Saddam Hussein’s regime has “reconstituted nuclear weapons.”

The transiting Sun in Pisces is square transiting Saturn in Gemini, resonating with Cheney’s natal square between the natal Sun in Aquarius and Saturn in Taurus, signifying a motivation to manipulate circumstances in an effort to control outcomes. Transiting Neptune has just passed conjunction to the natal Sun in Aquarius, indicating strongly held convictions informed by a self-centred worldview.

Neptune conjunct Sun

Astrology bi-wheel chart of Dick Cheney depicting the transits for his appearance on Meet The Press

Transiting Sun in Pisces (outer wheel, upper right) square transiting Saturn in Gemini (outer wheel, upper left), making a recurrence of the natal Sun in Aquarius (inner wheel, lower right) square natal Saturn in Taurus (inner wheel, upper right). Transiting Neptune (outer wheel, lower right) conjunct natal Sun in Aquarius (inner wheel, lower right)

2007: Snoop Dogg Arrested in Sweden

Snoop Dogg white cartoon sketch with yellow highlights on a black backgroundAstrology and Hip Hop

Thirty-five year-old hip hop star Snoop Dogg is arrested on suspicion of being under the influence of drugs while in a car driving through Stockholm, Sweden. Having performed a few hours earlier on a double bill with Diddy, a stop on their European Pass the Puff tour, Snoop is held in custody overnight. It is his third drug-related arrest in five months.

Transiting Saturn in Leo is opposite transiting Neptune and Snoop’s natal Mars in Aquarius, indicating a lifestyle that is open to scrutiny and exposure. Transiting Mars in Aquarius is square natal Venus in Scorpio, signifying a boost to the rapper’s reputation and credibility as a bona fide outlaw.

Neptune conjunct Mars

Astrology bi-wheel chart for Snoop Dogg and the transits for his arrest in Stockholm, Sweden

Transiting Saturn in Leo (outer wheel, bottom) opposite transiting Neptune (outer wheel, top) and natal Mars in Aquarius (inner wheel, top). Transiting Mars in Aquarius (outer wheel, top) square natal Venus in Scorpio (inner wheel, right center)