1944: Wernher Von Braun Arrested by Gestapo

Wernher Von Braun white cartoon sketch on orange stucco backgroundAstrology and Rockets

Thirty-one year-old German rocket scientist Wernher Von Braun is arrested by the Gestapo for expressing a defeatist attitude towards the war, and for suggesting he would prefer to develop rockets for space travel instead of weaponry. He will be held for two weeks, at risk of execution, until he is released in order to continue the deadly V-2 rocket program.

Transiting Mars is conjunct Von Braun’s natal Pluto and Ascendant in Gemini, reflecting his central role in developing rocket science. Transiting Neptune in Libra is opposite the natal Sun in Aries, signifying vulnerability to intrigue and social isolation.

Neptune opposite Sun

Wernher Von Braun astrology bi-wheel chart with transits for his arrest by the Gestapo.

Transiting Mars (outer wheel, left) conjunct natal Pluto and Ascendant in Gemini (inner wheel, left). Transiting Neptune in Libra (outer wheel, bottom) opposite natal Sun in Aries (inner wheel, top)

1953: Nikita Khrushchev Ascends with Stalin’s Death

Nikita Khrushchev White Sketch Yellow Background Astrology Horoscopes Nick Dagan BestAstrology and the Soviet Union

Fifty-nine year-old Soviet politician Nikita Khrushchev sees his boss and tormentor, Joseph Stalin, take his last breath, creating a power vacuum in the Soviet Union that has not existed since the death of Lenin in 1924. Although he is reportedly tenth in line to replace Stalin as First Secretary for the Soviet Union, by September he will outrank his rivals.

Transiting Mars in Aries is opposite natal Saturn in Libra, signifying the end of Stalin’s twenty-nine year reign. Transiting Venus is pre-retrograde conjunct Khrushchev’s natal Sun in Aries, opposite transiting Neptune and Saturn in Libra, reflecting the underdog image that will, ironically, help usher him to the seat of power.

Horoscope Bi-Wheel

Nikita Khrushchev Stalin Dies Astrology Horoscopes Nick Dagan Best

Transiting Venus pre-retrograde (outer wheel, lower left) conjunct natal Sun in Aries (inner wheel, lower left), opposite transiting Neptune and Saturn in Libra (outer wheel, upper right). Transiting Mars in Aries (outer wheel, lower left) opposite natal Saturn in Libra (inner wheel, upper right).