1934: Aleister Crowley Files Libel Suit

Aleister Crowley white cartoon sketch set on a blue stucco background.Astrology and Reputation

Fifty-eight year-old occultist author Aleister Crowley files a libel suit against Nina Hamnett, a former friend, whose memoir, The Laughing Torso, refers to his belief in “black magic”. Crowley is less concerned about his infamous reputation than he is the possibility of receiving money. However, it is Crowley who will be put on trial, his ritual practices described in full detail and then condemned by the court.

Transiting Jupiter retrograde is conjunct Crowley’s natal Sun in Libra, opposite transiting Sun and Mars in Aries, indicating his opponent holds the advantage in their contest. Transiting Pluto in Cancer is opposite natal Mars in Capricorn, square natal Venus in Libra, signifying personal exposure and defamation.

Jupiter conjunct Sun

Aleister Crowley astrology bi-wheel chart with transits for court case.

Transiting Jupiter retrograde (outer wheel, bottom center) conjunct natal Sun in Libra (inner wheel, bottom center), opposite transiting Sun and Mars in Aries (outer wheel, top center). Transiting Pluto in Cancer (outer wheel, middle left) opposite natal Mars in Capricorn (inner wheel, middle right), square natal Venus in Libra (inner wheel, bottom center)

1984: Shirley MacLaine Wins Best Actress Oscar

Shirley MacLaine white cartoon sketch on purple stucco background.Astrology and Grudge Matches

Forty-nine year-old actress Shirley MacLaine wins the Best Actress Academy Award for her role in Terms of Endearment. It is her fifth Best Actress nomination, and she was also once nominated as a documentary producer. She beats co-star and co-nominee Debra Winger for the big prize, declaring “I deserve this” during her acceptance speech.

Transiting Pluto in Scorpio is opposite MacLaine’s natal Mars and Sun in Taurus, indicating disruptive tension with a rival, contests over high emotional and social stakes. Transiting Mars retrograde in Scorpio is square natal Saturn in Aquarius, signifying seizing the upper hand in a battle of wills.

Pluto opposite Mars-Sun

Shirley MacLaine astrology bi-wheel chart with transits for her 1984 Oscar win.

Transiting Pluto in Scorpio (outer wheel, lower left) opposite natal Mars and Sun in Taurus (inner wheel, upper right). Transiting Mars retrograde in Scorpio (outer wheel, lower left) square natal Saturn in Aquarius (inner wheel, lower right).

1985: Billy Joel Marries Christie Brinkley

Billy Joel white cartoon stamp Christie Brinkley green stucco backgroundAstrology Uptown

Thirty-five year-old singer/songwriter Billy Joel marries supermodel Christie Brinkley, 31, before 175 guests on a 147-foot yacht sailing around New York Harbor on a cold, drizzly day. It is the second marriage for both celebrities. The couple will conceive their only child, daughter Alexa Rae, later tonight.

Transiting Saturn in Scorpio is opposite Joel’s natal Venus in Taurus, square natal Saturn in Leo, indicating a solemn union with an attractive partner. Transiting Mars is conjunct natal Mars in Taurus, opposite transiting Pluto in Scorpio, square transiting Jupiter in Aquarius, signifying potency, and the creation of new life.

Mars conjunct Mars

Billy Joel astrology bi-wheel chart for wedding to Christie Brinkley.

Transiting Saturn in Scorpio (outer wheel, bottom right) opposite natal Venus in Taurus (inner wheel, top left), square natal Saturn in Leo (outer wheel, bottom left). Transiting Mars (outer wheel, top left) conjunct natal Mars in Taurus (inner wheel, top left), opposite transiting Pluto in Scorpio (outer wheel, bottom right), square transiting Jupiter in Aquarius (outer wheel, top right)