1985: Sally Field Wins Best Actress Oscar

Sally Field white cartoon sketch on pink stucco background.Astrology and Acceptance

Thirty-eight year-old actress Sally Field wins her second Best Actress Academy Award for her role in Places in the Heart. Her heartfelt acceptance speech, in which she references a line of dialogue from her first Oscar winning performance, Norma Rae (“you like me”), will be remembered publicly in both praise and mockery.

The transiting Sun is conjunct Field’s natal Moon in Aries, signifying an earnest and unfiltered expression of emotion. Transiting Mercury retrograde and Venus retrograde in Aries are opposite the natal Ascendant in Libra, resonating with natal Mercury post-retrograde and Venus retrograde in Sagittarius, indicating criticism and scrutiny from others due to misunderstandings or miscommunication.

Sun conjunct Moon

Sally Field astrology bi-wheel chart depicting transits for her second Oscar win.

Transiting Sun (outer wheel, lower right) conjunct natal Moon in Aries (inner wheel, lower right). Transiting Mercury retrograde and Venus retrograde in Aries (outer wheel, center right) opposite natal Libra Ascendant (inner wheel, center left).

2003: Dick Cheney Appears on Meet The Press

Dick Cheney white cartoon sketch on brown stucco backgroundAstrology and War

Sixty-two year-old United States Vice-President Dick Cheney appears on NBC-TV’s Meet The Press on the eve of the invasion of Iraq, stating his belief that U.S. forces will be “greeted as liberators.” Cheney defends the decision to invade, claiming Saddam Hussein’s regime has “reconstituted nuclear weapons.”

The transiting Sun in Pisces is square transiting Saturn in Gemini, resonating with Cheney’s natal square between the natal Sun in Aquarius and Saturn in Taurus, signifying a motivation to manipulate circumstances in an effort to control outcomes. Transiting Neptune has just passed conjunction to the natal Sun in Aquarius, indicating strongly held convictions informed by a self-centred worldview.

Neptune conjunct Sun

Astrology bi-wheel chart of Dick Cheney depicting the transits for his appearance on Meet The Press

Transiting Sun in Pisces (outer wheel, upper right) square transiting Saturn in Gemini (outer wheel, upper left), making a recurrence of the natal Sun in Aquarius (inner wheel, lower right) square natal Saturn in Taurus (inner wheel, upper right). Transiting Neptune (outer wheel, lower right) conjunct natal Sun in Aquarius (inner wheel, lower right)

1953: Frank Sinatra Begins Filming From Here To Eternity

Frank Sinatra Orange Stamp Astrology Horoscopes Nick Dagan BestThirty-seven year-old singer/actor Frank Sinatra begins filming his role in the movie From Here To Eternity, thanks to strings pulled by his wife, Ava Gardner. With his faltering popularity, he was hired by producer Harry Cohn for a fraction of his usual salary, after Gardner convinced Cohn to give him audition.

Transiting Saturn is conjunct Sinatra’s natal Ascendant in Libra, opposite transiting Venus pre-retrograde in Aries, resonating with his natal Venus-Saturn opposition in Capricorn-Cancer, signifying his wife’s saving influence on his destiny. Uranus is conjunct natal Saturn in Cancer, opposite natal Venus in Capricorn, indicating his changing fortune.


Transiting Venus pre-retrograde in Aries (outer wheel, center right) opposite transiting Saturn retrograde (outer wheel, center left) and natal Ascendant in Libra (inner wheel, center left). Transiting Uranus (outer wheel, top) conjunct natal Saturn retrograde in Cancer (inner wheel, top), opposite natal Venus in Capricorn (inner wheel, bottom).