1988: Larry Flynt Wins Supreme Court Decision

Larry Flynt Blue Stamp Astrology Horoscopes Nick Dagan BestForty-seven year-old pornography publisher Larry Flynt wins a Supreme Court case against TV Christian evangelist Jerry Falwell, in a decision that protects satire in the First Amendment. Falwell filed a lawsuit against Flynt in 1983, after Flynt’s magazine Hustler published a fake liquor advertisement that “quotes” Falwell admitting to having sex with his mother in an outhouse.

Transiting Uranus, Saturn, and Mars are conjunct in Capricorn, resonating with Flynt’s natal Uranus and Saturn in Gemini, indicating an unexpected verdict against the status quo. The triple conjunction is square natal Neptune in Libra, representing popular culture, signifying the decision’s lasting impact on American law and the arts.

Larry Flynt/Supreme Court 1988 Bi-Wheel

Transiting Uranus, Saturn, and Mars in Capricorn (outer wheel, right) resonate with Flynt’s natal Uranus and Saturn in Gemini (inner wheel, left)

Miles Davis, Marilyn Monroe, & Allen Ginsberg: Time Twins

Astrology and Time Twins

I have posted a new video, an astrological look at the lives of Miles Davis, Marilyn Monroe, and Allen Ginsberg during the years 1954-1956.