1994: Jim Carrey Begins Filming Dumb and Dumber

Astrology and Rising StarsJim Carrey white cartoon sketch on purple stucco background.

Thirty-two year-old comedic actor Jim Carrey begins filming his role as Lloyd Christmas in Dumb and Dumber. To play the role, he had a cap removed from his front tooth, which had been accidentally chipped when he was a child. His first hit movie, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is a recent surprise success, and his next, The Mask, will soon be released.

Transiting Uranus is stationing retrograde conjunct Carrey’s natal Sun in Capricorn, indicating rapidly rising star status, following years of struggling in obscurity. Transiting Neptune is conjunct natal Venus in Capricorn, indicating the revealing of a well-concealed physical disfigurement.

Uranus conjunct Sun

Jim Carrey astrology bi-wheel chart with transits for the filming of Dumb and Dumber

Transiting Uranus station retrograde (outer wheel, lower right) conjunct natal Sun in Capricorn (inner wheel, lower right). Transiting Neptune (outer wheel, lower left) conjunct natal Venus in Capricorn (inner wheel, lower left).