1903: King Edward VII Arrives in Paris

King Edward VII white cartoon sketch on blue stucco background.Astrology and Diplomacy

Sixty-one year-old King Edward VII of Great Britain arrives in Paris for a state visit. The British Empire is unpopular due to atrocities committed during the Boer War in South Africa, and the King is poorly received by the French public. However, he wins their hearts overnight, when he is heard speaking fluent French to a renowned actress. A treaty of alliance is soon signed between the two nations.

Transiting Mars retrograde is stationing direct conjunct Edward’s natal Moon in Virgo, reflecting a shift in reception, from hostile to friendly. Transiting Uranus is conjunct the natal Ascendant in Sagittarius, signifying a swift image makeover. Transiting Neptune in Cancer is opposite natal Saturn in Capricorn, introducing a warm, familiar charm to stiff diplomacy.

Mars retrograde conjunct Moon

King Edward VII astrology bi-wheel chart with transits for his 1903 visit to Paris.

Transiting Mars retrograde (outer wheel, top center) conjunct natal Moon in Virgo (inner wheel, top center). Transiting Uranus (outer wheel, center left) conjunct natal Ascendant in Sagittarius (inner wheel, center left). Transiting Neptune in Cancer (outer wheel, middle right) opposite natal Saturn in Capricorn (inner wheel, middle left).

1986: Anjelica Huston Wins Best Supporting Actress Oscar

Anjelica Huston white cartoon sketch on green stucco backgroundAstrology and Acknowledgment

Thirty-four year-old actress Anjelica Huston wins the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for her role in Prizzi’s Honor. The movie was directed by her father, John Huston, and co-starred her longtime, on-off boyfriend, Jack Nicholson. Her relationship with both men has been complicated and painful.

Transiting Uranus is conjunct Huston’s natal Ascendant in Sagittarius, reflecting an awakening confidence and sense of self. Transiting Jupiter in Pisces is opposite the natal Moon in Virgo, square natal Saturn in Sagittarius, signifying praise and acknowledgment for a job well done. Transiting Neptune in Capricorn is square the transiting Sun in Aries, resonating with the natal Sun-Neptune square in Cancer-Libra, indicating dissociation from a painful past.

Uranus conjunct Ascendant

Anjelica Huston astrology bi-wheel chart with transits for her Oscar victory in 1986

Transiting Uranus (outer wheel, left center) conjunct natal Ascendant in Sagittarius (inner wheel, left center). Transiting Jupiter in Pisces (outer wheel, bottom) opposite natal Moon in Virgo (inner wheel, top), square transiting Saturn in Sagittarius (outer wheel, left).

1964: Paul Simon Records The Sounds of Silence

Paul Simon white cartoon stamp sketch on orange background.Astrology and Garfunkel

Twenty-two year-old singer/guitarist/songwriter Paul Simon records a new song he wrote, The Sounds of Silence, with duet partner Art Garfunkel, at the pair’s first album session for Columbia records. The song was written a month earlier, as a response to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Although Simon & Garfunkel will break up soon after their album flops, a remixed electric version of The Sounds of Silence will reunite them as pop stars a year from now.

Transiting Saturn in Aquarius is square Simon’s natal Saturn and Uranus in Taurus, reflecting the songwriter’s ode to a mourning nation. Transiting Uranus is conjunct the natal Ascendant in Virgo, indicating a period of self-reinvention, and for extraneous circumstances setting a new course of direction.

Saturn square Saturn-Uranus

Astrology bi-wheel chart of Paul Simon and the transits for the recording of The Sounds of Silence.

Transiting Saturn in Aquarius (outer wheel, lower right) square natal Saturn and Uranus in Taurus (inner wheel, top center). Transiting Uranus (outer wheel, left center) conjunct natal Ascendant in Virgo (inner wheel, left center).