1970: Suzanne Somers Arrested for Writing Bad Checks

Suzanne Somers white cartoon sketch on green stucco backgroundAstrology and Debt

Twenty-three year-old aspiring actress and model Suzanne Somers is arrested in San Francisco for writing bad checks totalling $100. After being booked, printed, and strip searched, she avoids prosecution by covering her debts and costs.

Transiting Neptune is conjunct Somers’ natal Venus in Sagittarius, while transiting Uranus is conjunct natal Neptune in Libra, indicating potential detachment from reality, and a period of reassessing self-worth. Transiting Mars and Saturn are conjunct in Taurus, square natal Saturn in Leo, and opposite both transiting and natal Jupiter in Scorpio, signifying a hard life lesson on personal accountability through crisis.

Jupiter conjunct Jupiter

Astrology bi-wheel chart of Suzanne Somers and transits for her 1970 arrest

Transiting Mars and Saturn in Taurus (outer wheel, upper right) opposite transiting Jupiter (outer wheel, lower left) and natal Jupiter in Scorpio (inner wheel, lower left). Transiting Neptune (outer wheel, lower left) conjunct natal Venus in Sagittarius (inner wheel, lower left)

1971: Joe Frazier Defeats Muhammad Ali

Joe Frazier white cartoon sketch on purple stucco backgroundAstrology and the Fight of the Century

Twenty-seven year-old heavyweight champion boxer Joe Frazier defeats defrocked champion Muhammad Ali in a unanimous decision at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Dubbed the “fight of the century”, Frazier knocks Ali down in the final round with a left hook to his chin. It is the first of three bouts he will have with Ali, and the only one he will win.

Transiting Uranus is conjunct Frazier’s natal Moon in Libra, indicating elevation in recognition and social status. Transiting Neptune and Jupiter in Sagittarius are opposite natal Uranus and Mars in Gemini, signifying the national symbolic value to his triumph against an anti-establishment figure like Ali.

Horoscope Bi-Wheel

Joe Frazier Astrology Bi-Wheel Chart Transits for Ali Bout in 1971

Transiting Uranus (outer wheel, top) conjunct natal Moon in Libra (inner wheel, top). Transiting Neptune and Jupiter in Sagittarius (outer wheel, upper left) opposite natal Uranus and Mars in Gemini (inner wheel, lower right)

1971: Margaret Sinclair Marries Pierre Trudeau

Margaret Sinclair Trudeau Astrology Horoscopes Nick Dagan BestAstrology and Canada’s First Couple

Twenty-two year-old student Margaret Sinclair marries fifty-one year-old Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau in a discreet private ceremony in Lynn Valley, B.C. The couple met on a beach in Tahiti four years earlier, when Trudeau was Minister of Justice, and Sinclair a teenager on vacation with her family. The relationship has been a closely kept secret until now, and all of Canada is surprised by the news.

Transiting Mars is conjunct Sinclair’s natal Moon in Sagittarius, indicating the shock of entering public life and the difficulty she will have adapting to it. Transiting Uranus is conjunct natal Mercury and Neptune in Libra, signifying her sudden emergence as Canada’s new First Lady, and the hip flower child innocence she brings to the role.

Horoscope Bi-Wheel

Margaret Sinclair Marries Pierre Trudeau Astrology Horoscopes Nick Dagan Best

Transiting Mars (outer wheel, bottom left) conjunct the natal Moon in Sagittarius (inner wheel, bottom left). Transiting Uranus (outer wheel, upper left) conjunct natal Mercury and Neptune in Libra (outer wheel, inner left)

1924: H.P. Lovecraft Marries Sonia Greene

H.P. Lovecraft White Image on Red Background Astrology Horoscopes Nick Dagan BestThirty-three year-old struggling writer H.P. Lovecraft marries fellow writer Sonia Greene at Saint Paul’s Chapel in Lower Manhattan. A virgin recluse who rarely ventures outside his native home of Providence, Rhode Island, his new wife has coaxed him to live with her in New York City. Although he is a vocal anti-semite, Greene is Jewish.

Transiting Pluto in Cancer is square Lovecraft’s natal Venus in Libra, indicating his seduction by a woman who lives outside of his comfort zone. Transiting Venus in Aries is opposite the natal Moon and Uranus in Libra, signifying the young sheltered man’s introduction to a big scary world by his older, more worldly wife.

H.P. Lovecraft Marries Sonia Greene Astrology Horoscopes Nick Dagan Best

Transiting Pluto in Cancer (outer wheel, top) square natal Venus in Libra (inner wheel, left upper center). Transiting Venus in Aries (outer wheel, right upper center) opposite natal Moon and Uranus in Libra (inner wheel, lower left center).