1965: Frank Zappa Arrested for Making Pornography

Frank Zappa white cartoon sketch on blue stucco background.Astrology and Corruption

Twenty-four year-old recording studio owner Frank Zappa is arrested for making a pornographic audio recording in San Bernardino, after an undercover policeman hires him to do so. Facing a maximum sentence of twenty years, he serves ten days in jail and is given three years probation. The setup opens his eyes to the corrupt ploys of local law enforcement.

Transiting Uranus and Mars retrograde in Virgo are opposite transiting Saturn in Pisces, resonating with Zappa’s natal Mars-Uranus opposition in Scorpio-Taurus, signifying a politically awakening experience. Transiting Neptune is conjunct natal Mars in Scorpio, opposite transiting Jupiter and natal Uranus in Taurus, indicating his being targeted by misguided authority.

Saturn opposite Uranus-Mars

Frank Zappa astrology bi-wheel chart depicting transits for his arrest.

Transiting Saturn in Pisces (outer wheel, bottom) opposite transiting Uranus and Mars retrograde in Virgo (outer wheel, top), resonating with natal Mars in Scorpio (inner wheel, left center) opposite natal Uranus in Taurus (inner wheel, right center). Transiting Neptune (outer wheel, left center) conjunct natal Mars in Scorpio (inner wheel, left center), opposite transiting Jupiter (outer wheel, right center) conjunct natal Uranus in Taurus (inner wheel, right center).

2006: Isaac Hayes Quits South Park

Isaac Hayes white cartoon sketch on red stucco background.Astrology and Chef

Sixty-three year-old singer and television voice actor Isaac Hayes quits his role as Chef on the animated program South Park, stating the show has crossed the line of satire with a recent episode that lampooned Scientology and Tom Cruise. Hayes, a longtime member of the Church of Scientology, cites “inappropriate ridicule” of religion as being his reason for leaving.

Transiting Saturn is conjunct Hayes’ natal Venus and Pluto in Leo, indicating a painful ending of friendships. Transiting Uranus in Pisces is opposite natal Mars and Mercury in Virgo, square transiting Mars and natal Saturn in Gemini, signifying the sudden reversal of a political position.

Saturn conjunct Venus-Pluto

Astrology bi-wheel chart for Isaac Hayes and the transits for the date he quit South Park.

Transiting Saturn (outer wheel, lower left) conjunct natal Venus and Pluto in Leo (inner wheel, lower left). Transiting Uranus in Pisces (outer wheel, top right) opposite natal Mars and Mercury in Virgo (inner wheel, bottom left), square transiting Mars (outer wheel, upper left) and natal Saturn in Gemini (inner wheel, upper left).