1980: Jimmy Carter Iran Hostage Rescue Failure

Jimmy Carter white cartoon sketch on yellow stucco background.Astrology and Failure

Fifty-five year-old US President Jimmy Carter announces the failure of a mission to rescue 53 embassy hostages in Iran, taking full personal responsibility. Eight men were killed, and others badly burned, when a series of military aircraft crashed on an airstrip south of Tehran. There is now little hope of the hostages being released anytime soon.

Transiting North Node and Mars is post-retrograde conjunct the natal North Node, Neptune and Venus in Leo, opposite natal Mars post-retrograde in Aquarius, square transiting Uranus in Scorpio, signifying the impulse to take decisive action. Transiting Saturn is conjunct natal Mercury in Virgo, opposite natal Uranus in Pisces, square transiting Neptune in Sagittarius and Venus in Gemini, indicating scrutiny and criticism on grounds of accountability.

Mars opposite Mars

Jimmy Carter astrology bi-wheel chart, with transits for the failed hostage rescue mission.

Transiting North Node and Mars post-retrograde (outer wheel, upper left) conjunct natal North Node, Neptune, and Venus in Leo (inner wheel, upper left), opposite natal Mars post-retrograde in Aquarius (inner wheel, lower right), square transiting Uranus in Scorpio (outer wheel, lower left). Transiting Saturn (outer wheel, upper left) conjunct natal Mercury in Virgo (inner wheel, upper left), opposite natal Uranus in Pisces (inner wheel, lower right), square transiting Neptune in Sagittarius (outer wheel, lower left) and natal Venus in Gemini (inner wheel, upper right).

1933: Art Tatum Debut Solo Recording

Art Tatum white cartoon sketch on red stucco backgroundAstrology and the Piano

Twenty-three year-old pianist Art Tatum records his first solo session at Brunswick Studio in New York, performing a total of four songs, including Tiger Rag, which becomes his signature tune. The recently arrived Ohio native recently outclassed older, seasoned stride pianists, like Fats Waller, Willie “The Lion” Smith, and James P. Johnson, in a cutting contest at Morgan’s Bar.

The transiting Sun in Aries is opposite Tatum’s natal Jupiter in Libra, reflecting an optimum setting for an exuberant creative release. Transiting Uranus has just passed conjunction to natal Saturn in Aries, opposite the natal Sun in Libra, square both natal Uranus in Capricorn and Neptune in Cancer, signifying a genre-defining performance.

Uranus opposite Sun

Art Tatum astrology bi-wheel chart with transits for his debut solo recording

Transiting Sun in Aries (outer wheel, bottom right) opposite natal Jupiter in Libra (inner wheel, upper left). Transiting Uranus in Aries (outer wheel, lower right) opposite natal Sun in Libra (inner wheel, upper left).

1987: Jim Bakker Resigns from PTL

Jim Bakker white cartoon sketch on green stucco backgroundAstrology and Evangelicals

Forty-seven year-old television Christian evangelical minister Jim Bakker resigns from his position as President of the PTL Club. It has been discovered that he raped church secretary Jessica Hahn in 1980, and subsequently paid her $265,000 in hush money. It will soon surface that Bakker has embezzled millions of dollars from his ministry.

Transiting Mars is conjunct Bakker’s natal Uranus in Taurus, square transiting Venus in Aquarius, signifying shocking revelations of moral and sexual impropriety. Transiting Uranus is conjunct natal Mercury in Sagittarius, square natal Neptune in Virgo, indicating a sudden change in social status as a result of hidden facts becoming public knowledge.

Mars conjunct Uranus

Astrology bi-wheel chart for Jim Bakker, depicting transits for his resignation as President of the PTL Club

Transiting Mars (outer wheel, bottom) conjunct natal Uranus in Taurus (inner wheel, bottom), square transiting Venus in Aquarius (outer wheel, left). Transiting Uranus (outer wheel, top) conjunct natal Mercury in Sagittarius (inner wheel, top), square natal Neptune in Virgo (inner wheel, top right)

1981: Philip K. Dick’s Blade Runner Begins Production

White cartoon sketch of Philip K. Dick on blue backgroundAstrology and Androids

Fifty-two year-old science-fiction author Philip K. Dick’s book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? is being made into a movie by Alien director Ridley Scott, to be called Blade Runner. Having sold the film options four years ago with the expectation that nobody would actually make the movie, he has not yet been informed that production has already begun.

Transiting Neptune is conjunct Dick’s natal SaturnMercury and Sun in Sagittarius, signifying the dystopian world of his futuristic imaginings being brought to life for the screen. Transiting Uranus in Sagittarius is square natal Neptune in Virgo, indicating that after years of publishing in obscurity, the pop culture zeitgeist is finally ready to hear what he has to say.

Neptune conjunct Sun in Sagittarius

Philip K. Dick astrology bi-wheel chart for the transits for the filming of Blade Runner

Transiting Neptune (outer wheel, top) conjunct natal Saturn, Mercury, and Sun in Sagittarius (inner wheel, top). Transiting Uranus in Sagittarius (outer wheel, upper right) square natal Neptune in Virgo (inner wheel, lower right).