Venus Retrograde: TV Provocateur

Astrology and Sitcoms

I just posted a brief excerpt from the new 45-minute astrology video workshop. It begins with an edited version of the intro, followed by an exposé covering the natal Venus retrogrades of TV sitcom stars Suzanne Somers and Ellen DeGeneres, and their roles in advancing sexual liberty in television’s most saccharine genre.

1980: Michael Stipe’s First Gig with New Band

Michael Stipe white cartoon sketch on blue stucco background.Astrology and Stagefright

Twenty year-old student Michael Stipe makes his live debut singing with his new band at a friend’s birthday party held in an abandoned church in Athens, Georgia, where he and guitar player Peter Buck also presently live. The unnamed band plays a bunch of covers for about two hours. When they perform their next gig two weeks from now, they adopt the name “R.E.M.”

The transiting Moon and Neptune are conjunct Stipe’s natal Jupiter and Mars in Sagittarius, indicating an overcoming of natural shyness to perform before people. Transiting Jupiter retrograde in Virgo is square transiting Venus in Gemini and natal Venus in Sagittarius, signifying an artist’s initiation into a new creative circle.

Moon-Neptune conjunct Jupiter-Mars

Michael Stipe astrology bi-wheel chart with transits for 1st R.E.M. performance.

Transiting Moon and Neptune (outer wheel, lower left) conjunct natal Jupiter and Mars in Sagittarius (inner wheel, lower left). Transiting Jupiter retrograde in Virgo (outer wheel, top left), square transiting Venus in Gemini (outer wheel, top right) and natal Venus in Sagittarius (inner wheel, lower left).

1985: Sally Field Wins Best Actress Oscar

Sally Field white cartoon sketch on pink stucco background.Astrology and Acceptance

Thirty-eight year-old actress Sally Field wins her second Best Actress Academy Award for her role in Places in the Heart. Her heartfelt acceptance speech, in which she references a line of dialogue from her first Oscar winning performance, Norma Rae (“you like me”), will be remembered publicly in both praise and mockery.

The transiting Sun is conjunct Field’s natal Moon in Aries, signifying an earnest and unfiltered expression of emotion. Transiting Mercury retrograde and Venus retrograde in Aries are opposite the natal Ascendant in Libra, resonating with natal Mercury post-retrograde and Venus retrograde in Sagittarius, indicating criticism and scrutiny from others due to misunderstandings or miscommunication.

Sun conjunct Moon

Sally Field astrology bi-wheel chart depicting transits for her second Oscar win.

Transiting Sun (outer wheel, lower right) conjunct natal Moon in Aries (inner wheel, lower right). Transiting Mercury retrograde and Venus retrograde in Aries (outer wheel, center right) opposite natal Libra Ascendant (inner wheel, center left).

1970: Suzanne Somers Arrested for Writing Bad Checks

Suzanne Somers white cartoon sketch on green stucco backgroundAstrology and Debt

Twenty-three year-old aspiring actress and model Suzanne Somers is arrested in San Francisco for writing bad checks totalling $100. After being booked, printed, and strip searched, she avoids prosecution by covering her debts and costs.

Transiting Neptune is conjunct Somers’ natal Venus in Sagittarius, while transiting Uranus is conjunct natal Neptune in Libra, indicating potential detachment from reality, and a period of reassessing self-worth. Transiting Mars and Saturn are conjunct in Taurus, square natal Saturn in Leo, and opposite both transiting and natal Jupiter in Scorpio, signifying a hard life lesson on personal accountability through crisis.

Jupiter conjunct Jupiter

Astrology bi-wheel chart of Suzanne Somers and transits for her 1970 arrest

Transiting Mars and Saturn in Taurus (outer wheel, upper right) opposite transiting Jupiter (outer wheel, lower left) and natal Jupiter in Scorpio (inner wheel, lower left). Transiting Neptune (outer wheel, lower left) conjunct natal Venus in Sagittarius (inner wheel, lower left)